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CPAs are your mechanics for the financial operations of your business – they provide a way to keep your financial information up to date, keep your business in compliance with fairly complex tax laws at both a federal and a state level, and can help you make smart choices for your business or organization as it grows.


Provided are CPAs we have worked with and their contact information. If you don’t have a CPA relationship at this time, please give strong consideration to someone in the list below.

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Accounting Services of Durango

Phone: 970-385-6768
Email: kate@asdurango.net

Ascent Accounting & Consulting

Phone: 970-401-3941
Email: zeb@ascentunlimited.com
Website: https://www.ascentunlimited.com

Clark White & Assoc

Phone: 970-247-3954
Email: c_w@mydurango.net
Website: www.cpasofdurango.net

Delio & Stangby

Phone: 970-247-3874
Email: dcpa@fone.net

Elliott, Meadows and Associates

Phone: 970-247-1390
Email: tommy@elliottmeadows.com

Fredrick Zink and Associates

Phone: 970-247-0506
Email: www.durangocpas.com

John Beekmann, CPA

Phone: 970-403-0891
Email: beekmanncpa@mydurango.net

Ken Leavitt, CPA

Phone: 970-247-8825
Email: kencpa@mydurango.net
Website: https://www.kencpa.com

Laura Hokanson, CPA

Phone: (970) 426-2256
E-Mail:  laura.hokanson@cpa.com
Website: http://www.hokansoncpa.com

Matt Coleman, CPA

Phone: 970-247-9071
Email: mattcoleman@qwestoffice.net

Phillips & Hards, PC

Phone: 970-247-1080
Email: pandh@durangotax.com
Website: https://www.durangotax.com

R. Bell & Associates

Phone: 970-385-1002
Email: rbell@bellcpas.com
Website: https://www.bellcpas.com

Tafoya & Barrett & Associates, PC

Phone: 970-259-8000
Website: www.tafoyabarrett.com

Tammy Bronson, CPA

Phone: 970-403-1045
Email: bronsoncpa@mydurango.net

Temple Allen & Associates

Phone: 970-259-3350
Email: mallen@temple-allen.com
Website: https://temple-allen.com