Frequently Asked Questions About our Software Conversion

We are in the process of migrating to a new payroll platform used by over 5 million employees around the U.S. It’s called isolved! Although this won’t impact the ongoing support you receive from our team, it allows us to better serve you with new modern tools and capabilities. We understand change comes questions and here are some you might like answered right away… 


What’s in it for me?  

  • More add-on tools for your workforce than you could ever imagine – from benefits enrollment to paperless onboarding, we now have it all!  
  • Secure access via a single sign-on to everything you need to submit payroll, run reports, and manage timekeeping. 
  • Direct access for your employees to clock in/out, view paystubs, and W2s all in one place.  


Will my client ID or squad be changed?  

  • Nope, you will have the same client ID and same great service from your existing squad. 


Will my reports look the same, and will I receive them in the same fashion? 

  • Although the reporting functionality in our new platform will have more robust reporting capabilities, your basic set of reports will look very familiar. 
  • We are asking all clients to run reports electronically from our online secure website: https://payrolldept.myisolved.com/  


Are there any changes to the way our company is debited for payroll costs? 

  •  Yes, if you do not offer direct deposit to your employees, the company will be debited for taxes and invoice one business day prior to check date. If you do offer direct deposit to your employees, the same method remains (debit occurs one business day before check date).


When will I be trained? 

  • We are excited to show you how easy it is to navigate payroll on our new platform! With searchable fields, quick links, and an online help tool, you’ll learn quickly and of course we will work with you individually to support your company on this software change. Call or email us anytime and we will be happy to answer any questions.