Save time. Reduce risk. Enjoy payroll done personally and professionally.

Personal, Professional Payroll

We are The Payroll Department for over 800 businesses and organizations in La Plata County and beyond. Our goal is to provide you with personal, professional, confidential, and accurate payroll services at an affordable price.

Comprehensive payroll services

Worrying about payroll is what we do best

  • Comprehensive payroll service. 
  • Federal and State Tax reporting and processing.
  • Paid Time-off accruals and reporting (Vacation, Sick and PTO)
  • New hire reporting for any and all States you operate in.
  • General Ledger reporting. Direct imports into QuickBooks.
  • Scheduled Earnings and Deductions for your employees, including Retirement contributions and matches, HSA’s, Garnishments, Levies…
  • Employee Self Service for employees to make changes to their W4’s, review past pay stubs and W2’s.
  • Worker’s Compensation Audit reporting.
  • Flexible payroll submission – Email, fax or online.
  • Paperless payroll services for you and your employees!!

Why Outsource Your Payroll?

Save time while lowering your cost of doing business! Outsourcing your payroll to the professionals can be one of the best decisions for your small business. Reduce your payroll costs, administrative burden, liability and compliance. We also offer tools to increase employee productivity and how you take care of your valued employees.

Save time!! Focus on what you do best.

Reduce overhead and administrative expenses

Avoid IRS penalties

Remove the payroll headache

Stay up-to-date with legislative, payroll and tax changes

Reduce liability & compliance risk

A better way to manage Federal & State Tax processing and reporting

Calculating and filing your own payroll taxes has its risks. In addition to the challenge of staying up-to-date with tax laws, mistakes can cost you dearly. Let us alleviate the stress, risk, and time associated with payroll tax processing and reporting. We’ll GUARANTEE your reports are submitted on time.

Quarterly Reports include: 941’s and Unemployment Returns

Annual Reports include: W-2’s and 1099-Misc Forms– filed to the SSA

Comply with state and federal tax reporting
Ready to simplify payroll and tax reporting? Contact us to learn more.