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1. When will my payroll be ready?
  • For pick up: Payrolls submitted before 11am will be ready after 3pm on the same day.
  • Payrolls submitted between 11am and 2pm will be ready at 9am the following business day.
  • For regular mail: Payrolls must be submitted by 11am to go in the same day mail delivery.
  • For Kangaroo: Payrolls must be submitted by 11am in order to be delivered by 3pm the on the following business day.
2. What do you need for my NEW employee?
3. What if the company bank account has changed?
4. What payroll taxes am I responsible for as an employer?
5. How can I calculate what a check will be after taxes?
6. How do I change an employee's salary or hourly pay rate?
7. I accidentally left someone off the timesheet. What do I do to get the employee a paycheck?
  • You have two options. We can calculate the check for you and you can write the employee a manual check (their year-to-date information will be correct on their next pay stub); or, we can cut a check at our office at an additional charge.
8. Do we have to pay overtime, and how do we determine who is eligible?
  • New laws and regulations go in to effect continuously. To get the most current information visit HR Support, a great resource for the latest on this and other topics.
9. We are considering terminating an employee. Are we required to provide his/her last paycheck on the last day of work?
  • Usually if the employee resigns or quits, then the employee may be paid on the next scheduled payday. However, if as an employer you cause the termination, then the employee should be paid as soon as feasibly possible. State laws vary, so visit HR Support to find out more.
10. How do I start direct deposit?
  • Call our office for the necessary paperwork. Payroll will need to be submitted three business days prior to the check date to ensure timely deposits.
11. I received a writ of garnishment for one of my employees. What do I do?
  • Fax or email the paperwork to our office. The deduction will need to be set up by us prior to your next scheduled payroll. You will need to complete the questionnaire and remit if requested by the agency.
12. My employee says a garnishment has been completed. How do I stop funds from being removed from his/her check?
  • You cannot. An official court order is mailed to the company to authorize termination of the garnishment. This is usually mailed to the employee soon after the court order has been made. Once you receive the official court order, please inform us and we will terminate the garnishment.
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