Year-End Reply Form


 To ensure the accuracy and timeliness of your W2s,  please complete the REPLY FORM at the link above by:  Friday, December 2nd  

If you fill out this form by December 2nd, you will be entered into our drawing for one of two $50 gift certificates to a local business!! 

Important Dates: 

W2s will be available for pickup January 9th through the 11th from 8am to 5pm. If you don’t pick up your W2s by 5pm on Wednesday, January 11th, we will mail them to your business address. Please let us know prior to January 11th if your business mailing address has changed. Also, please do not send your employees individually to pick up their own W2 – they all need to be picked up by you or by another authorized contact. Make sure you hand out or postmark employee W2s by February 1st. For terminated employees, mail them to the last known address you have on file.  

Your 2022 payroll schedule will be included in your payroll reports with your first check date of December. Please review this. Remember, if you have direct deposit for your employees, they cannot be paid on a banking holiday. Please notify us what day you would like direct deposits to credit the employee accounts when you submit your payroll. Keep in mind the debit to the company will happen one business day prior to the check date. Your submission deadline is 11:00am at least two business days prior to check date. 


Things to look out for during “Year-End”: 


  1.  You will receive copies of all completed W2 forms with your 4th quarter returns. We charge $25 for each W2 reprint, so please keep these copies on file. For security purposes, we do not mail anything directly to your employees from our office. As part of our service to you, we will file your Federal W2s (Copy A) and state copies – please do not send any W2s from your office to these agencies. 
  2.  2022 Unemployment Rate Notices will be mailed from the Department of Labor in mid-NovemberIf you receive this rate notice, please forward it to us as soon as possible. You may also contact us after January 16th if you wish to be informed of your 2023 state unemployment rate.  
  3.  W2 State Transmittal Forms will be mailed from the Department of Revenue in DecemberIf you receive this form, you may shred it. We file these to the state on your behalf electronically. 
  4.  Year-end processing fees are billed with your first payroll in January. There is a base fee of $71.60 plus: 
  • W2s – $8 each